Comox Valley, BC

- Actor Packages -

- Self Tape -


30 minutes


1 Hour


30 minutes

1 Hour


With Acting Coaching:

Self tapes and scene taping are a great way to see your growth as an actor as well as to submit for future employment and projects. Put your best self out there by having our team back you up with the tools to support your talents.


A Self Tape Package Includes:


1 taped song, scene or monologue. 


If you’re interested in adding scenes, monologues or songs these are available for an additional charge.


- School Audition -


Now that you’ve chosen to audition for schools, it’s time to show people how you shine. This package allows you to showcase your talents in a professional audition tape that will allow schools to really see your abilities, drive, and commitment.


A School Audition package includes.


1 head shot.

1 resume for theatre or for film.

1 song, monologue or scene.

Up to 1.5 hours. 

If you’re interested in adding more scenes, monologues or songs, or, if you would like to purchase additional headshots, these are available for an additional charge.



If booked between March 15th and May 1st

- Actor Portfolio -


Together with the materials you choose, this package will help to put your best foot forward. Showing your range and versatility, this package allows agents, future employers and your audience to see everything you can bring to the table. 


An Actor’s Portfolio package includes: 


2 headshots with 2 different looks

2 filmed scenes, monologues, and/or songs 

2 resumes. One for theatre and one for film

Up to 3.5 hours of studio time.


- Acting Lessons -

With Allyson Leet

- Headshots -

With Katie Clarkson

of Clarkson Photography


Wether you are looking for one lesson to give acting a try or want  weekly lessons to build your skills, the individual one on one acting lessons are for you. Join us for either 45 minutes or 90 minutes, to explore character, script and character breakdown, learn different memorization techniques and how to finesse your abilities as a performer. We will provide scripts for your sessions and you will receive rough cut footage of your work. 

Do you need new headshots or need headshots for specific project? Headshots are your visual representation of you and or your business. Wether you are an actor, entrepreneur, realtor or looking to create a personal brand, your face is the first thing that clients will see when they visit you online. Let us help you represent yourself for the right audience, in a professional yet personal way that helps to tell the story of you and your business.


45 minutes


90 minutes


1 look

2 Images


2 Looks 

4 Images

If you’re interested in adding more scenes, monologues, or songs, or, if you would like to purchase additional headshots, these are available for an added charge.