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Think of headshots as your personal logo, whether you're navigating the business world or treading the boards of the acting realm. They're more than just photos; they're snapshots of your character, your story, your essence. In the corporate universe, a great headshot is like a virtual handshake that exudes professionalism while saying, "Hey, I'm approachable!" For actors, it's your first act – the moment you invite casting directors to imagine the myriad roles you can slip into. So, relax, be yourself, and let your headshot tell the world the awesome story of you.

  • 1 background | 1 outfit | 2 high resolution digital images | $175+tax

    45 min

    183.75 Canadian dollars
  • 2 Backgrounds | 2 outfits | 3 high-res digital images | $225+tax

    1 hr 30 min

    236.25 Canadian dollars

Actor's Portfolio

3 hr 30 min

$375 + tax

Self tapes and scene taping are a great way to see your growth as an actor as well as to submit for future employment and projects. Put your best self out there by having our team back you up with the tools to support your talents.


Together with the materials you choose, this package will help to put your best foot forward. Showing your range and versatility, this package allows agents, future employers and your audience to see everything you can bring to the table.

If you’re interested in adding scenes, monologues or songs these are available for an additional charge.


An Actor’s Portfolio package includes:  


2 headshots with 2 different looks.

2 filmed scenes, monologues, and/or songs

1 resume


Up to 3.5 hours of studio time. ​


If you’re interested in adding more scenes, monologues or songs, or, if you would like to purchase additional headshots, these are available for an additional charge.

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