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- Workshops & Classes - 

*Please note, these are examples of classes and workshops we run. All available upcoming classes, workshops, or events will be available in the "Registration" section.

- 2 Day Workshops -

This two day workshop is designed as a crash course for those wanting to learn about acting for film and television. In this “lite” version of our week-long workshop we will be covering headshots, getting comfortable in front of the camera, one line scenes, experiencing the technical aspects of acting in front the camera and having a whole lot of fun! This intensive will be taught through group discovery, warm ups, on camera exercises and script work. At the end of the 2 days, actors will receive a mini portfolio of their on camera work and a professional headshot.*

- Weeklong Workshops -

In this 5 day workshop students will cover all the bases needed to become comfortable in front of the camera. From learning different terms used in the industry, to learning about the technical side of acting for the camera, this workshop will leave you ready to jump into acting for film and television. We will be focusing on speaking on-camera, reading scripts and breaking down lines, learning our character type(s) and handy tips and tricks to help actors along the way. The workshop will be taught through warm ups, group exercises, demonstrations and individual on camera work. This workshop is perfect for those wondering if acting for film and tv is right for them! At the end of this week-long workshop, students will have a professional headshot, filmed slate, all of their on camera work from the week as well as a solid understanding of the first steps of getting into the film and television industry. *

- Classes -

In this 8 week course we will focus on getting you comfortable in front of the camera by building and playing with different characters, and rehearsing, revising and filming scenes. You will also learn your type, film lingo and how to critique yourself and your classmates in a constructive way. You will also learn the basics of headshots, from clothing choices to finding your light. Sitka Stage & Screens offers a nurturing and encouraging environment to try new things and to learn as a team. These classes are focused on you, and in doing so, our class list will only contain a maximum of 12 students. At the end of this class you will receive a portfolio that includes a resume, headshot and a filmed short scene or monologue ready to submit to agents or use as audition pieces. *