(Ages 5 - 9)

Theatre Kids - IN STUDIO

SATURDAYS | January 30th - March 28th

11:30am - 1:00pm


Students will experience the entire rehearsal to stage process. We focus on the foundations of acting exercises, monologues, script memorization, and character development.


Through working with a cast, your child will bloom with confidence and boast life skills such as public speaking, problem solving and teamwork.  

*Masks must be warn at ALL TIMES*

Kids On Camera

Through acting games and exercises, our Sprouts will grow their skills in improvisation, character creation and public speaking. 


We explore what it’s like to be on camera, how to convey different emotions and learn the basics for acting for film and TV. 


Each child will leave with 1 headshot and 2 pieces of filmed work from class.

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