(Ages 9 - 12)

Advanced Acting On Camera

This class allows students to dive deeper into script analysis, character development and scene study and build on the skills they have acquired in FOUNDATIONS OF ACTING ON CAMERA.


Through 1 on 1 coaching, self-reflection and class discussions, students will advance their understanding of acting for film and TV. 

Each participant will leave with a minimum of 4 pieces of filmed work from class.


*** FOUNDATIONS OF/INTRO TO ACTING ON CAMERA or equal experience necessary

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Script to Screen - (Ages 10 - 15)

October 2nd
 - December 4th

(No class October 9th & November 13th)

1:00pm - 3:00pm

$295 + tax


In this class students will bring their ideas to life on screen, from concept to creation.


Students will collaboratively develop a screenplay which will be cast, filmed and edited to create a short film. 


Working as a team students will construct a storyline, write and format their script, develop characters and bring their role to life on camera.

Click HERE to view posters from the previous classes

*Masks are optional*

**Participants MUST sign a model release** 


Foundations Of Acting On Camera

AGES 10 - 15

October 7th - December 2nd
(No class November 11th)

9:00am - 11:00am

$295 + tax

For ages 10 - 15


In this class students will learn what it’s like to be on a film and television set.


They will understand the essential steps to building a character and learn the fundamentals of memorization through partnered on-camera scene work. They will also recognize film lingo and learn proper on-set etiquette.

Each child will leave the class with 1 headshot and 2 pieces of filmed work from class.

*Masks are optional*


Theatre Acting


Cumberland Movement Connection
October 29th - May 27th

12:30pm - 1:30pm

$699 + tax

This class will focus on articulation, projection, body language and learning the areas of the stage. We will also explore lighting and how it can be used to increase a mood, use sounds to enrich our environment and how to properly use or NOT use props!


We will begin character development and tip our toes into scene analysis. We induce “Italians” no, not the language …. a way to help with learning our lines.

*Masks are optional*

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  • View Instalment information HERE


Musical Theatre


Cumberland Movement Connection
October 29th - May 27th

1:45pm - 2:45pm

$699 + tax

SING! DANCE! ACT! This class puts it all together. We learn to work language with our body language and tell our story with not just words alone.


We will learn a few routines that are attached to a scene and take a look at how we can use music to help talk about our feelings. How can we show the audience how happy we are…. or how sad!

*Masks are optional*

  • View Class Schedule HERE

  • View Instalment information HERE


Fun With Green Screen


November 2nd - January 25th

5:15pm - 6:15pm

$275 + tax

And we mean fun! Come fight your dragon and save the village.


Working with only props and a green screen, you will learn how the move while not actually seeing what you’re fighting. 

*Masks are optional*

**This class requires 2 extended days of filming towards the end of the session. Dates TBD.


Voice Over Technique

November 1st - January 24th

4:00pm - 5:00pm

$275 + tax

Learn studio etiquette and how to correctly prepare for voice work. What to do and what NOT to do!

Learn the many different types of voice work:

Commercial, Narrative, Audio Books, Animation, & Gaming.


Learn how to audition the voice, not the character!

*Masks are optional*


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Sitka Dreams At Disney (AGES 7-17)

Info Night


September 28th

6:30pm - 8:00pm

Come visit us and get all your questions about this brand new program answered!