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(Ages 9 - 12)

Advanced Acting On Camera

This class allows students to dive deeper into script analysis, character development and scene study and build on the skills they have acquired in FOUNDATIONS OF ACTING ON CAMERA.


Through 1 on 1 coaching, self-reflection and class discussions, students will advance their understanding of acting for film and TV. 

Each participant will leave with a minimum of 4 pieces of filmed work from class.


*** FOUNDATIONS OF/INTRO TO ACTING ON CAMERA or equal experience necessary

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Foundations Of Acting On Camera

In this class students will learn what it’s like to be on a film and television set.


They will understand the essential steps to building a character and learn the fundamentals of memorization through partnered on-camera scene work. They will also recognize film lingo and learn proper on-set etiquette.

Each child will leave the class with 1 headshot and 2 pieces of filmed work from class.

3. Saplings - Foundations of Acting on Camera - Coming Soon.png

Script to Screen

In this class students will bring their ideas to life on screen, from concept to creation.


Students will collaboratively develop a screenplay which will be cast, filmed and edited to create a short film. 


Working as a team students will construct a storyline, write and format their script, develop characters and bring their role to life on camera.

Click HERE to view posters from the previous classes

**Participants MUST sign a model release** 

4. Spruces - Script to Screen - Coming Soon.png

On Set Adventures - AGES 10-15

Monday - Friday 

March 27th - 31st

1:00pm - 4:00pm 

$315.50 + tax

Lights! Camera! Action! A short film will be developed through teamwork and collaboration.


Bring your presence to the big screen by using your imagination. Learn character development, concepts, acting skills, how to build off of ideas.


At the end of the week, students will have a screening of their original short film staring them!


Come join us for this fast paced week over spring break. Push your boundaries, stretch your creative legs, and fly.​​​​​​​​

Click HERE to view posters from the previous classes

**Participants MUST sign and agree to a model release** 

3. Spruces - On Set Adventures - JULY.jpg

Shakespeare Junior Theatre

Monday - Friday 

April 3rd - 7th

9:00am - 12:00pm 

$315 + tax

When the village Mayor decides to invite Shakespeare to their Spring Festival the local actors think it's the perfect audition opportunity, what could possibly go wrong!

While introducing Shakespeare to the students we work a fun script and create an interesting piece of choreography that fits right into that world.


In the end Shakespeare gains a whole new group of actors and decides that their montage could possibly become a brand new play!!

Running or Jazz shoes to be worn along with comfortable clothes students can move in.

3. Saplings - Junior Shakespear.jpg


Over 8 weeks, students will learn the fundamentals of improvisational theatre (theatre without a script).


Learning through games and friendly competition, students will learn about trust, teamwork, storytelling and character work.


Improv has been shown to build confidence, imagination, and public speaking skills, and teaches children through seniors how to play again!

3. SAPLINGS - Improv_.jpg

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