(Ages 13 - 17)

Foundations Of Acting On Camera - IN STUDIO


April 24th - June 19th (No Class May 22nd)

3:30pm - 5:30pm

$315.50 + tax

(Previously titled "Intro to Acting On Camera)

This class offers an intro into the film industry in areas such as partner scene work, auditions, headshots, film lingo and set etiquette. 


Students will learn to relate their real-life experiences to the characters they are portraying. 

Advanced Acting On Camera - IN STUDIO


April 18th - June 13th (No Class May 23rd)

1:30pm - 3:30pm

$295.50 + tax

(Previously titled "Acting On Camera Level II) 

This class allows students to dive deeper into script analysis, character development and scene study and build on the skills they have acquired in FOUNDATIONS OF ACTING ON CAMERA. 


Through 1 on 1 coaching, self-reflection and class discussions, students will advance their understanding of acting for film and TV.

*** FOUNDATIONS OF ACTING ON CAMERA or equal experience necessary

Script To Screen - IN STUDIO


April 19th - June 14th (No Class May 24th)

4:00pm - 6:00pm

$295 + tax

In this class students will bring their ideas to life on screen, from concept to creation.


Students will collaboratively develop a screenplay which will be cast, filmed and edited to create a short film. 


Working as a team students will construct a storyline, write and format their script, develop characters and bring their role to life on camera.

*Masks must be worn at ALL TIMES*

Actor's Portfolio

This class brings together everything you will need in your actor portfolio. Whether you are auditioning for short films, applying to agencies or trying to put your best foot forward, this class has you covered. 


We will work with each student to build their own customized actor portfolio. This includes branding yourself as an actor and finding characters you connect with and can realistically play.


With a headshot session included, we’re able to create two distinct looks at match with your actor brand. An important step that is often looked over, is a business class, which includes creating your actor resume.


We will work on, and film, two contrasting scenes and a slate to put together into your promo reel.

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Monologue Madness

Bring your favourite monologues! 


We will focus on script breakdown, connecting emotions, impactful delivery and confidence. You will learn to create moments before, character breakdowns, script analysis, and character questionnaires. 


The work you learn in this intensive can then be applied to future monologues you work on. You may choose to bring either a monologue from contemporary theatre or film.